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20 October 2016

The Inyoni Creek Probus Club proved once again that you do not have to be young to have fun. They celebrated their 7th year with a three course meal and the theme was “A Children’s Birthday Party” and what a party it was. Members walked into the Club House to a room festooned with Polka Dot balloons, tables decorated with Streamers, Polka Dot hats and party favours and eye catching Menus that would make a Michelin Star Restaurant proud.

The meeting opened with our President Arthur Hadden welcoming our special guests, Heidi Tucker, President of the Benoni Aurora Rotary Club and her husband Mark, our very own Honorary Life Members Vernon and Connie Schultz, Honorary Auditor Brian Quigly and Jenny Tonkin Manager of Inyoni Creek and her husband Gavin. Arthur then went on to say that we were in for a Fun/Pun evening and what a Punny evening it was.

What would a children party be without a game or two and so we played “Pass the Parcel”. To see our members gaily passing three parcels around the room to the tune of “Celebrations” allowed us to re-capture, even for a moment, a little bit of our childhood. Then came the Quiz, Twenty Questions – Multiple Choice Answers (after all we do watch The Chase) led by our Quiz Master Ann Foster. It is to be noted that the winning team with 18 correct answers had a retired Head Master in their side! After dessert of Jelly & Ice Cream, what else,

The meeting was closed with a heartfelt thank you to every person who contributed to such a joyous evening and members were seen taking home balloons and party favours for their Grandchildren.