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Rob Sproul, Val Shuttleworth and I attended the 26th Birthday Celebrations of the Milnerton Ladies Club this week and their President, Amanda van Rensburg, was handing out their latest Newsletter.   As she was leaving for overseas the next day I said I would send it on to you, but over and above that, I took some pictures of their entertainment group, The Companions, who gave us a wonderful concert and I thought I would attach them so that perhaps they may go onto the website as well.  

We had a wonderful lunch at the Italian Club and there were six visiting Probus Clubs, seven Clubs celebrating, if I include Milnerton as well, which in itself is quite an achievement.  Amanda does a wonderful job as President, she works tirelessly in promoting Probus and getting new members and I just think she needs a special mention.   Their Club has a different theme every month and depending upon the theme, she decorates the tables etc., and gets a wonderful vibe going.  This is the third birthday function that Rob and I have been invited to and each one has been a great event.
Yvonne Monro   Secretary : PAWC